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"We cannot deny truth by muzzling ourselves because it's expedient to do so"

--Perry Redd

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September 22, 2015 - On Socially Speaking with Perry Redd, we'll discuss the Republican drop-outs-and who should drop out in the race for the presidency…we'll have a Mark Fiore short, S7 Worker News with Barbara Patterson, and a Socially Speaking commentary from yours truly…make sure you check out our site at and the show plays live on WOOK-LP at and podcasts at and Socially Speaking on the new 103.1 WOOK-LPfm!


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A Voice for Social Change

At Socially Speaking, we're constantly covering events and venues that challenge the status quo or are making this world more compatible with the One who created it; here, we share with you people at work--doing the right thing--for the greater good of all mankind... 

Perry Redd spent five intense months engaged in DC politics as the DC Statehood Green Party's candidate for the DC Council, At-Large in the April 23rd Special Election for 2013.

Though Perry didn't fare well at the polls, the issues he championed--statehood for DC, anti-gentrification, living wage employment, human rights for returning citizens, equitable and anti-racist education reform--were forced to the surface and are hot topics of debate at this era of DC's history.

Perry Redd's appearance on the Robert Wesley Branch radio show empowered millions of formerly incarcerated persons and their families

Progressives from all 50 states converged on the Lincoln Memorial of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in urgent response to the momentum recently accrued by the conservative, right-wing--especially by the insurgent Tea Party. Heroes of liberal thought from past, present and future showed up to give voice to the needs of everyday, working class Americans.

I attended as a spectator and participant and was specifically determined to capture the event in picture & that the liars at Fox News and the conservative bloggers can be shot down with the fact regarding attendance of this event--as compared to Glenn Back's rally of August 28th; we beat 'em!

November 18, 2012, Washington, DC-An American response to Israel's continued and disproportional bombing of Gaza and it's Palestinian citizens held at the doorstep of the Israeli embassy on November 18, 2012 in Washington, DC. A diverse complement of activists and supporters of the Palestinian people spoke forcefully for an end to the five days of U.S.-backed bombing as well as Israel's long blockade of Gaza and raids on the territory.

Hamas, the democratically-elected Palestinian government that has ruled Gaza since 2007, said an Israeli airstrike killed a family of 10 on Sunday. Israel, meanwhile, said Hamas had fired nearly 150 rockets into Israel in a single day. The Israeli occupation has never ceased...

It was the latest violence in what has become a daily nightmare for millions in the region, one that puts Gaza's 1.7 million residents and millions of Israelis in harm's way.

September 9, 2010, Washington, DC-If you've visited your Senator at the Dirksen Office Building, Dulles International Airport of FedEx Field, you've seen the plaster work of C.J. Coakley. Their website states "Since 1962, C. J. Coakley Co., Inc. has been installing drywall, plaster, and acoustical ceilings in commercial spaces in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Today, the company continues to focus on the same foundation that Cornelius and Ellen Coakley began."

Unfortunately, C.J. Coakley has some unhappy employees. On Thursday, supporters of the laborers of the company held a picketed protest on L Street in Downtown Washington, DC under the protective eye of security guards of C.J. Coakley. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters sponsored the shoutdown accusing C.J. Coakley of failure to pay area standard wages and benefits.

Speaking with one of the actions organizers, Felipe shared that the company "doesn't even pay [health] benefits." Socially Speaking has found that C. J. Coakley's average salary is $33,615 at it's corporate location. The annual salary standard for the DC area is $45,550 or $21.90-an-hour. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, hourly employees at the protest said they make $16/hour at the top level…reason to raise hell.

Social Change Commentary

Each week, Perry Redd offers a cognitive view of America's complex nature and evolution (or devolution in some cases). Where longtime activist and political science instructor, Perry Redd, opines on the sensitive and significant topics of the day in his weekly on-line commentary; a dedicated quasi-thesis evoking minds to think...and act!

As this 2012 presidential race progresses, we cannot ignore the bottom line of this election: OUR LIVES! The economic inequality that provides the contrast in our choices should compel us to DO SOMETHING! Organize, protest and vote! Jon Stewart humorously exposes the truth of the matter:

Dammit, do something! Contact your local Occupy movement, join a commitee and do something! And this, I just HAD to bring to your attention! The Jon Stewart diatribe on Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell's proclamation of April as "Confederate History Month":
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In the spring of 2010, Perry Redd went down to the Washington Monument to witness the "April 19th 2nd Amendment" Gun rally; those Tea Party supporters are vehement in their anti-government (i.e., treason) rhetoric and only D.C. anti-gun laws kept them from toting weapons at their "peaceful protests" are two of the protest speakers: the one Perry was at in Washington and the one in Fort Hunt, Virginia (notice how sparsely attended the events were...):

A recent social change music video from Perry Redd's "Trial By Fire" CD, "War On Us":

Perry Redd's social views on our political wars were first made manifest with the release of his first music video, "One Voice" from the Born Activist CD; you can view it right here on Socially Speaking:

Media Training

intense training on media relations and technique Getting groups organized and prepared to spread their message of social justice through electronic mediums; video camera operation, crafting message, and final cut production aids a group in crafting a credible presentation to the masses. Our media guru, Perry Redd, has worked on living wage campaigns, worker's rights drives, tax reform organizing and police accountability pushes...we know how to get your message out!

Perry Redd is a longtime, social change activist with roots planted in the south, namely Knoxville, Tennessee. A former founder and Executive Director of a 501(c)(3) organization, Redd championed for worker’s rights, anti-racism, police accountability, living wages and community inclusion. As one-time pastor of a Christian church, he also has intimate ties to the faith community he also has hosted and produced cable-access television and disc jockeyed. He is currently a socio-political talk radio show host.

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